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GoogleTreks™ in Science


Earth and Space Science
Life Science
  • How Does Global Warming Effect Human Health?
  • All About Fossils
    This GoogleTrek™ was created to help elementary school students understand fossils, how fossils were formed, and how fossils provide a record of past life forms.
  • Photosynthesis by Dr. Alice Christie
    This GoogleTrek™ explores photosynthesis, the process in which green plants use energy from the sun to transform water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and organic compounds. It serves as an introduction for Biology I students.
  • Symbiotic Relationships by Kent Tibbitts(Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    This GoogleTrek™ explores the close relationship between two organism in which at least one of the organisms benefits.
  • What is Science? by Rasheeda Swain (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    This GoogleTrek was designed to work on an iPad. Rasheeda's Special Education student in Self Contained Classrooms really work with motor skills as they are severely mentally and physically handicapped. She was able to successfully use the GoogleTrek on the iPad with her students.
  • Ocean Animals by DonnaLyn Brady (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    Are you ready to take a trip around the ocean world? If you said yes then put on your scuba gear and lets go! Assessments: SWBAT to match babies to their mothers, sort animals by characteristics, and create a class power point on the animals they learned from the trek. Naming a behavior, characteristic, and where the animal lives with a picture on their slide.
  • Arizona Plants and Animals by Kristin Van Dusen
    This GoogleTrek™ explores plants and animals found in Arizona
  • Hoshtsoh - The Life in the Desert by Linda Patterson
    This GoogleTrek™ explores the life of a Saguaro Cactus (Hoshtsoh in Navajo) from the beginning to the end of its life.
  • Famous Scientists by Brittany Jimenez
    This GoogleTrek™ introduces amazing scientists and what they have done for our civilization.
  • Galileo Galilei by Brittany Jimenez
    This GoogleTrek™ takes you through the life of the famous scientist and inventor, Galileo Galilei.
Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Types of Muscle Tissues
    This GoogleTrek™, created by Aretina Davis of West Point High School (West Point, MS), is designed for high school human anatomy and physiology students. It discusses the various types of muscle tissues along with nervous tissue. It details the function and location of these tissues.
  • A Mathematical Model of Motion: Position Versus Time Graphs
    This GoogleTrek™, created by Dr. Alice Christie and Mary Barnhill of west Point High School (West Point, MS), introduces high school physics students to the concepts of speed, velocity, acceleration, position versus time graphs, and the meaning of acceleration due to gravity.


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