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GoogleTreks™ in Mathematics



General Math
Middle School Math
  • Tuscaloosa Math by Dr. Alice Christie
    This GoogleTrek™ is designed for middle school students and focuses on using the four mathematical operations needed to solve real-world problems. Students travel to various locations within Tuscaloosa, Alabama, use the built-in measuring tool to gather data, and then create scale drawings based on the data collected.
  • Mathematics Journey by Kristin Kohorst, Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program
    A tour of a few of the top mathematicians from around the world. Students create a passport and travel around the world. They discover several mathematicians and what they are best known for. Students read articles, complete research, answer questions, solve math problems and use their creativity to write songs and create pictures.
High School Math
  • Calculate the Cost of a Vacation
    This GoogleTrek™, created by Sheryl Wicks of West Point High School (West Point, MS), will guide high school students through the process of calculating the cost of a family vacation. Using a budget, students will determine how much money they will spend on a vacation and how much will be left after the vacation.
  • Applications of Product and Quotient Rules
    This GoogleTrek™, created by Andrew Summers of west Point High School (West Point, MS), is designed to re-enforce Rules of Differentiation (Product and Quotient Rules) for an AP Calculus course.


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