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GoogleTreks™ for
Elementary Kids



Language Arts
  • NEWBunnicula by Dr. Alice Christie
    This GoogleTrek™ is designed for 4th grade students who are about to read James Howe's Bunnicula. The lesson introduces the students to the author and to vocabulary words used in the first two chapters. After completing this GoogleTrek™, students should be ready to read and understand Bunnicula!
  • NEWCinderella Stories Around the World by Regina Carranto (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    This GoogleTrek™ provides text and graphical information about Cinderella stories from around the world.
  • NEW What is Science? by Rasheeda Swain (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    This GoogleTrek was designed to work on an iPad. Rasheeda's Special Education student in Self Contained Classrooms really work with motor skills as they are severely mentally and physically handicapped. She was able to successfully use the GoogleTrek on the iPad with her students.
  • NEW Ocean Animals by DonnaLyn Brady (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    Are you ready to take a trip around the ocean world? If you said yes then put on your scuba gear and lets go! Assessments: SWBAT to match babies to their mothers, sort animals by characteristics, and create a class power point on the animals they learned from the trek. Naming a behavior, characteristic, and where the animal lives with a picture on their slide.
Earth and Space Science
Social Studies and History
  • NEWColorado During the Late 1800s by Danielle Escalante (University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado)
  • NEW Pre-Columbian Cultures by Dr. Alice Christie
    This short GoogleTrek™ will provide the resources for students to share what they have learned about three Pre-Columbian Cultures: Aztec, Mayan, Incan.

    Students will work in small groups to create Animoto videos about various aspects of the culture of the Aztec, Mayans, Incas.
  • Lincoln Lived by JadeSisler, Indiana Wesleyan University
    This GoogleTrek™ for 4th grade students explores the many places Abraham Lincoln called home in his lifetime.
  • 5th Grade American History Scavenger Hunt by Jennifer Davis (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
  • Know Where to Go? by Heidi Befort
    Map skills and geographical knowledge are more important than ever in our global communiity. This GoogleTrek™ encourages the learner to understand different geographical terms from around the world and be able to identify and apply them to Arizona geography.
  • Ancient Egypt by Linda Henderson
    This GoogleTrek™ explores the geography, climate, landforms, government, and daily life of Ancient Egyptians.
  • Native American Homes by Pam Metcalf
    THis GoogleTrek™ explores how the weather influenced the way and materials the Native Americans use to build their homes.
  • Early and Medieval African Kingdoms by Lynn Brazie
    This GoogleTrek™ is an introduction to the Early and Medieval African Kingdoms.
  • Famous Buildings in Italy by Nan Rhodes
    This GoogleTrek™ takes you on a journey through Italy and some of its most famous architectural buildings.
  •  Hoshtsoh - The Life in the Desert by Linda Patterson
    This GoogleTrek™ explores the life of a Saguaro Cactus (Hoshtsoh in Navajo) from the beginning to the end of its life.
  • OLYMPICS: Athens to London by Helen Maxwell
    In this GoogleTrek™, third grade students will learn about the first Olympic Games and compare those to the current Olympic Games in London.
Health and Physical Education
  • NEW - Field Day by Jeff Muehleisen is an elementary PE teacher (Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program)
    This year's field day is focused on games from around the world. The Google Trek will take you to each of the countries that will be represented in the game played this year; you will also have the opportunity to see the flag for each country. Blue is primary and green is intermediate.

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